Jade ♥ (intangibletryst) wrote in poems_that_rock,
Jade ♥

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If you truly believe in judgement,
In hell, and even heaven,
That means you must appease a God,
But do you know,
Exactly what he wants?
Or if he's even there,
So I ask of you,
What will you do?
What would you do,
If God does not exist?
Or even worse,
What if God was me?

Would you give me all I wanted?
Bring me all I need?
For one ticket,
Into eternal bliss,
What would you give to God?
To buy a pass to Eden?
Adam got in free,
But was kicked out with Eve,
They were both pure,
Created with God's own hands,
What makes you think,
That you have a chance?
Can you suceed?
Where perfection has failed....
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